The Map!

The Map!

Hey all! It's time for the map!

Here are the directions from Calgary:

  1. Take Deerfoot (Highway 2) South out of the city.
  2. Keep heading south on Highway 2 until about 30kms past the main High River exit (Highway 2a).
  3. Turn right on Highway 540. There will be a sign for the Bar-U Ranch.
  4. After about 30 kms turn left on Highway 22.
  5. Turn right on Highway 532 heading towards Indian Graves Campground after about 14kms on Highway 22. This is the start of gravel roads, play it safe and keep to reasonable speeds.
  6. Drive down about 25kms. You will basically drive over a mountain and back down into another valley. Don't worry! you are on the right track!
    ***There is a section of road going over the (small) mountain that is in need of some grading and more gravel, they have a turn out for putting chains on your vehicles. It's not that bad however! Take it slow and easy and you should have no issues. It isn't pot holed just really rough with a ton of larger stones embedded in the road.***
  7. You should be coming up to a 3 way intersection now. Turn left. There should be a sign for Coleman Alberta.
  8. After a further 18kms you should be at the site! We are on the left hand side!

We would like to remind everyone that gravel roads can be dangerous. Soft spots and washboard can almost act like black ice, especially when you are driving at speed. Please take it easy and keep to a safe speed, especially if you do not have a lot of experience driving on these kind of roads. While the roads seem pretty decent to us they are not well maintained as a rule. There may be fallen rocks, soft spots, washboard, and other hazards. Make sure you arrive (and leave) safe!

Here's a link for driving instructions from your current location on Google Maps:,-114.427533
If you do not want to burn through data on your phone or are, like me, with Wind Mobile or don't have data out of the city there is a solution. Pull up the instructions from the link above and download the offline map data while on wi-fi. Instructions for that can be found here:

If you are using another GPS system the Coordinates are:
Latitude 50.031917 Longitude -114.427533
Or in degrees minutes and seconds:
Latitude N50°01"54' Longitude W114°25"39'

Posted by Danielle