New Website

New Website

Here we are... After much downtime.
We were previously hosted on a service called Cloud at Cost. There was a mishap and Cloud at Cost lost the server completely! Anyway, no backups (our problem) and no way to get the data back from the missing server (their problem) so once again Treemendus receives a rebuild!

I have taken my time this go around and made the backend a breeze to work with and added features I've been wanting to do for a long time. Some of these features include a mailing list (powered by MailChimp and their nice API, sign up and have Treemendus news come directly to your email!), automatic posting to Facebook and Twitter when we add a news post on the website, and a few others. Since I'm in Australia I have time and as such I have waited to put the site live until all of these features were in place as well as waiting more more information on the event.

On that note we have nothing to announce about the event at the moment except to say we have some things in the works. It's been a bit difficult with me over in Australia and some other minor things amongst the crew (life eh?) but we are working on a few different things and are excited about some of the possibilities. We will let you know as soon as we know more!

That's it for now! Take some time and view the website and Provide Any Feedback you may have!

Posted by Brother Shane

Brother Shane is one of the founding members of Treemendus. He takes care of all the web development and techy aspects of Treemendus as well as helps put on the event.