Treemendus Music in the Woods

Treemendus Music in the Woods

Treemendus brings together people in the woods of beautiful Southern Alberta for music, dance, and enjoyment. It gets us back into nature where the trees mend us.

Originally Treemendus started off as a camping trip for a few friends and, because we could, we brought some speakers and lights. Then the next trip happened and a few more people heard and wanted to come out, and then the next trip more people came, and then the next, and so on. This happened until we could no longer continue seeing this as a camping trip and had to see it for what it really was, a music event.

This event has seen explosive growth over the years from its humble beginnings of three people and a couple house speakers hooked up to a home receiver in the middle of McLean Creek back in 2011. We now bring thousands of watts of sound, full light show, so much great local talent, and all of the equipment that entails!

This event is very much a work in progress and it's everyone involved and everyone who attends that makes this such an amazing and intimate event. We wouldn't have been able to build such a wonderful event without you. Thank you for helping us create this!

Music in the WoodsTreemendus takes place in the woods of beautiful Southern Alberta

Make the Speaker RumbleWe provide thousands of watts of sound for your enjoyment

Night Time Comes AliveFull lightshow and visual effects

All the SoulsIt is the wonderful people who attend and contribute that make this event what it is

Treemendus is an event that you are gonna Love